Do you come to the house?

The business is on wheels, right?  The house.  The Office.  It’s all fair game.  WE CAN COME TO YOU. There is a convenience charge of $10 for house/office calls.  There is no additional fee when using the service at local ice rinks or other scheduled locations.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment process takes about 20 minutes, itself.  When you factor in load an unload time the whole process can be completed in 30-40 minutes depending on the amount of gear being treated at once.
How long does the treatment last?
If you are diligent about airing out and properly handling your equipment post-treatment, results lasting 10-12 weeks aren’t out of the question.  Every set of equipment is its own special case and depending on it’s age, the owner’s own body chemistry, and amount of use, a second treatment might be warranted sooner than the time frames listed.  Regardless, you will be amazed at the improvement in odor.
What can I do to preserve the lifespan of the treatment?
The best advice we can give is to do the things that you should be doing consistently, in the first place: Don’t leave your equipment in the trunk of your car, begin air drying your equipment as soon as you get home, have multiple sets of undergarments that you can rotate beneath your equipment from practice to practice or game to game, consistently remove & wash your undergarments after each training session, wear socks (or some other washable barrier) inside your skates.  Simple items like these will help preserve the lifespan of your sanitizing session
Does my equipment need to be dry in order to be treated?
No it doesn’t.  If it goes in wet, it will come out wet but it will still be sanitized.  Ozone is able to penetrate moisture.  That said, we do encourage parents and players to dry the equipment beforehand.  If it goes in wet, and comes out wet, our recommendation is to dry it ASAP, just for the simple fact that you will have to dry it anyways.
Can I wear the equipment right after treating it?
Yes, you can.  You will notice a faint ozone odor, it will smell almost like a swimming pool or hot tub, provided that you can handle that little bit of odor, there should be no problem suiting up right after the treatment.
How many sets of equipment can you treat at once?
Our mobile treatment unit is able to effectively treat up to 20 full sets of hockey gear at once.
My gear smells better right afterwards, but  I think it could be better.  What gives?
That’s completely normal.  The smell will improve immediately after treatment, but remember that the smell is a byproduct of the microorganisms that were living on the gear.  Once treated, the microbes are killed, and we have found that odor continues to significantly improve for a couple of days after the treatment.   Our recommendation is to do smell comparisons immediately after treatment, 12-24 hours afterwards and then 48 hours afterwards.