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Mobile Means We Come To You!

Life’s busy.  We get it. That’s why we come to you!  Practices. Games. Tournaments.  Work.  Team dinners & functions.  We’re about making this as accessible as possible for you.  Stop waiting and hit us up on the contact form below or call 412.254.6090 to schedule.

If You Wear It & It Stinks, We Treat It!

Ozone is the strongest oxidizing agent commercially available and is able to kill up to 99.99% of odor and disease-causing microbes, including MRSA. Don’t take any chances! Let us deodorize & sanitize your wearable sports and protective equipment the best way possible at a time that’s convenient for you.

Online Scheduling Is Here!

Expanded Sanitizing & Deodorizing Services Are Here!

Tired of musty, funky real estate, cars, locker rooms, gyms and training facilities?  So are we.  Own or operate a medical practice and you care about your patients’ well-being?  Brozone can help.  We’re now offering up our revolutionary sanitizing & deodorizing service for more than just sports equipment in the near future.  Click here to check out our catalog of services.